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How does the Bible describe Cherubim Angels?

According to the Bible, are Cherubim little fat babies with wings and a bow? Check out how the Bible describes a Cherub.

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An excerpt from the forthcoming book

We are moving fast on the next Angelic Wars' musical novel, End of the Beginning. The book and music will be released in late summer, but I am leaking parts of it to followers of the Septemviri.
Here is a discussion between Archangel Michael and an angel who has reconsidered his decision to be a member of Satan's Legion. I combined the ideas of Anselm (an 11th century monk) with Exodus 3:14.
Michael lowered his sword and motioned for Malachy to do the same, the risk factor dropping a notch. “Why are you here?”       “I hid in the structure of Sardis after the closing. I had to think about my past, my present, and my future. I compared myself, as a god, to the Creator. I realized that the Creator has no past, nor future, so everything is present—therefore, He is truly ‘I Am.’ But not for us angels; we are part of creation, so we have to think in a linear fashion—at least at this point of limited knowledge.”

Anselm, Proslogion, translated by Thomas Williams, Chapter 22, page 20-21; Exodus 3:14

By the way, a congratulations to Justin C. who won a $25 Amazon Gift Card. He was the only person to correctly answer the riddle of the angel's name in the last newsletter. Her name, Leihja, is a scrambled form of Elijah. There are other aspects in the next book which parallel her with this great prophet. For those who tried and didn't get it right, don't be discouraged. There are more Angelic Wars' contests in the future.

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Winner Announcement of the March 2021–Angelic Wars, First Rebellion t-shirt

A BIG congratulations to Nancy W. for winning the monthly Angelic Wars t-shirt. The drawing asked the reader “what was your favorite scene?” Nancy chose the final scene in the book where the Septemviri were equipped for fight spiritual warfare with armor described in Ephesians 6.

To enter any of the drawings, just download Angelic Wars, First Rebellion free supplementBehind the Scenes Secrets by clicking this link. You will have to re-enter your email address. (Don't worry if you are already a Septemviri follower. You will not receive double issues, just the emails that offer the contests). Other drawings include leather bookmarks, signed posters, t-shirts, and signed musical CDs.

Style #1--Word sword in front and Sign of the Septemviri in back

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Angelic Wars, First Rebellion

“Reader Views” Book Review of Angelic Wars, First Rebellion

Mark Sneed of Reader Views writes a nice review of my first musical novel, Angelic Wars, First Rebellion.


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Angelic Wars

Did you catch my interview on the Write Stuff radio show?

Pull up a chair and listen to my chat with Parker J Cole on her Write Stuff radio show about my free download prequel of the Angelic Wars series, Into the Mind of Lucifer. It aired on Tuesday, December 1st at 7 pm Eastern time.–write-stuff—1212020

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Behind the Scenes Secrets of the Making of the Angelic Wars, First Rebellion musical novel–“I Say, Is It You?(A music video)–Pages 57-58

Click the picture (or here)to watch the music video

The first song in the musical novel is sung by the Angel Gabriel as he flies through the Khasneh Forest in Heaven during a mission. This forest is structured like Earth’s multi-layered rainforest but is infinitely more vibrant. The leaves, crystalline and transparent, radiate millions of colors, blending with one another, throwing rays of countless hues up into Gabriel’s face. Like him, most angels in Heaven break out into an intimate song while basking in this form of God’s Holy Spirit. 

Readers can hear Gabriel sing this song in the paper books by scanning the QR codes; or a link in the eBooks.

The song was recorded Legacy Sound in El Segundo. Lead vocalist, D.J. Stanfill, Background vocals: Rick E, Norris, Julia Harriman and Kieran Moriah. Guitar: Rick E. Norris; Percussion: Judith Stepan-Norris

The song is available on iTunes and other online music outlets.

University of California, Irvine student dancers display their interpretation of Angel Gabriel's song.

Illustrators: Image licensed through Bigstock

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Behind the Scenes Secrets of the Making of the Angelic Wars, First Rebellion musical novel–Sign of the Septemviri–Pages 37-38


The cover picture of the Angelic Wars, First Rebellion is the sign of the Septemviri.  This sign brightens with fire on the right wrists of seven Septemviri–the angels commissioned to seek and expel rebellious angels from Heaven. It identifies God’s loyalists when they are near each other.

The sign has interrelated components:  First, it is a two-dimensional representation of one of the two intersecting heavenly spirals, as described in an earlier post.  Second, the outer bluish glow to the sides is a glimpse of the Throne of God–the globe encapsulating the two spirals of Heaven.  Third, the center has a tri-colored triangle, the traditional symbol of God’s Holy Trinity, with red, white and black sides (the colors are not apparent in the picture).  The significance of the triangle and colors are revealed in book two: The End of the Beginning. Finally, the interpretation of the white figure in the middle is left to the reader. Some see it as an angel, others as a white dove—the Christian symbol for God’s Holy Spirit.

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Behind the Scenes Secrets of the Making of the Musical Novel: Satan’s Altar (Jebel Madhbah)–Page 21

Jebel Madhbah, Heaven.  Chapter 2, page 21 in the paperback. Satan (aka Lucifer; The Great One) built this altar as a platform and staging area.  Notice the symbolism of three “sets of six” edifices (666). The opening where he appears from the mountain, is dark.  This darkness is an anomaly in Heaven since all of Heaven is lit by the presence of God’s Holy Spirit. The interior is dark because God’s Holy Spirit doesn’t dwell in the area of Heaven ruled by Satan and his followers.  As Satan exits his dwelling, his light shines very brightly exciting his followers.  He addresses his followers between the six obelisks. The staircase in front leads to the third level under a domed tholos.  All angels must bow down when passing through the low structure in order to show homage to their leader.  The author designed the Illustrations using a composite of structures from Petra, Jordan. Illustrator:  Judith Stepan-Norris

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VoyageLA article about creation of the Angelic Wars: First Rebellion

VoyageLA article about creation of the Angelic Wars: First Rebellion

This article discusses the initial concept, encouragement and process of writing the musical novel, Angelic Wars: First Rebellion. A lot of behind-the-scenes information. Click Here For Article

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