Gallery – Angelic Wars

Jebel Madhbah, Heaven.  Chapter 2, page 21 in paperback. Satan's (Lucifer)throne which was built for him by his followers as a platform and staging area.  Notice the symbolism of three sets of six edifices (666). Satan exits from the darkened opening of the outcropping and stands between the six obelisks. The outcropping interior is dark because the Holy Spirit does not dwell in the area of Heaven ruled by Satan and his followers.  The staircase leads up to the top level under a domed tholos.  All angels have to fall to their knees when entering the low tholos in order to show homage to their leader.  Illustrations: Judith Stepan-Norris

Enemy's star strategy, Chapter 8, page 81 in paperback.  This is the vision seen by the Septemviri when joined together in a prex précis. It is also two dimensional representation of one of the two intersecting spiral levels in Heaven.  The  center of the spiral is the Siq.  It is the portal to the material world.  When combined with the other spiral, it takes on the image of a black ball.  This ball encompasses the entire material universe. All angels, except for Lucifer, fear it. Lucifer, as the guardian cherub of Eden is allowed to pass through it. The farther away the angels travel from the Siq, the closer they get to God's throne. His Throne is similar to a bubble that encased the two intersecting spirals.  The dots represent districts in Heaven. Starting at the bottom, the lowest dot is Al Birka, where the Septemviri are headquartered. Directly above that is Thyatira.  Moving clockwise are the districts: Smyrna, Philadelphia, and Laodicea on top of the spiral. Just below Laodicea, closest to the Six (and barely visable) is Pergamum.  Moving clockwise to the right are Sardis and Ephesus.  These district dots are not to scale since the whole area of the spiral is so large since it baffles our imagination. Illustrations: Judith Stepan-Norris

The Paestra in Smyrna, Heaven. Chapter 10, page 102 in paperback. This stadium is where the Smyrna tournaments take place in Heaven. The Angelus Pennae is the contest where Gabriel competes.  The circular arena is surrounded by seven sides.  The stadium seats approximately 200,000 angel spectators.  

The Great Hall in Thyatira, Heaven.  Chapter 14, page 143. Uriel and Azarias enter the Great Hall through the oversized doubled doors.  They find it eerily empty with large, odd paintings of angels on the walls.  The pictures of angels flaunt robes with colorful bordered robes.  

The Odeum stage of Ephesus, Heaven.  Chapter 15, page 152.  The Odeum is a performance venue in Heaven's artistic city, Ephesus. It is perched high on a plateau.  The venue seats 2,200 angels who watch artistic acts. The Spirit of the Lord is very apparent here.

The large tholos in the Philadelphia courtyard (Heaven).  Chapter 16, page 164.  Many violet vinifera streams flow to the mile square courtyard. Rivers flow through one hundred foot arches on all four sides, cascading down through vast crevices lining the interior walls of the courtyard.  These waterfalls drop into an under-surface metropolis where they flow between the structures.  

The Heavenly District of Sardis, Heaven. Chapter 19, page 200. The district consists of multiple colorful structures of countless different orange-brown hues, depending which angel is viewing them.  The colonnaded passage of two rows of fourteen, exit the main area reaching out to the base of an outcropping.

The plateau with the emerald profundo waterfalls cascading through its great arch in Laodicea, Heaven. Chapter 23, page 232.  The Heavenly District of Laodicea stretches a square kilometer with gated walls on three sides and the archway on the fourth.

An alcove in the Bibliotheca, Pergamum, Heaven.  Chapter 25, page 259.  Azarias spots the robes and the books entitled:Way, Truth and Life

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