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Angelic Wars, End of the Beginning is out!

After 18 month of writing, editing, composing music and many hours in recording sessions, my next musical novel is out! Angelic Wars, End of the Beginning. You don't need a CD to read the book. Just scan the QR code in paperbacks and hyperlink in the eBook to hear the angel characters sing. The opens up another dimension to characters and the effort to connect them to the readers. Click here to get your copy.

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Angelic Wars: End of the Beginning is available!

The epic war for Heaven continues. End of the Beginning is the second, full musical novel of the internal struggles and external battles among the angels for the control of Heaven during Satan’s rebellion. This novel can be read independently of the first novel, First Rebellion, though the first novel introduces readers to the characters. In First Rebellion, Azarias, the leader of the seven Septemviri, searches Heaven for rebellious angels in order to offer them God’s grace. Satan rejects Azarias’s offer and instead begins to expand his evil throughout Heaven’s districts. In the End of the Beginning, Azarias leads the Septemviri to find captured loyal angels so they can help fight Satan and eject him from Heaven (into the material world). Like all the Angelic Wars musical novels, the reader can hear the characters sing by scanning QR codes in paperbacks and clicking hyperlinks in eBooks for a unique reading experience.

Reserve your copy today on Amazon.

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