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Did God give Angel’s a free will to reject Him? Why, or why not?

Did God give Angel's a free will to reject Him? Why or why not?

One has to ask this question in the struggle of good and evil. It is the foundational premise for the story and the Angelic Wars.

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Did God create “evil” or did it evolve among some angels?

Did God create “evil” of did it evolve among some angels?

The position the novel takes is fundamental to the story.

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Do the singing characters of a musical novel add a different dimension in a story?

Do the singing characters of a music novel add a different dimension in a story?

To understand this question, a reader must read the Angelic Wars, First Rebellion and listen to the music therein.

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How to hear the characters sing in the musical novel.

How do I hear the angels sing in Angelic Wars, First Rebellion books?

Hardbacks and paperbacks: To hear angels sing in the novel, scan the QR code in the scene where an angel is singing. This scanning can be done with a QR code scanner, or even viewing it with your phone camera in some cases. Your smart device will go to “SoundCloud” which is a site where the free music resides. Your device will ask you to download the “SoundCloud” app. Then you follow the prompts to “Listen on SoundCloud app.” Once the app is loaded on your smart device, then each time you scan a QR code, you will just have to select the prompt “Listen on SoundCloud app” and the song will be loaded.

EBooks: Ebooks are a little easier since you are already in a computer. Just choose the link on the book page identifying a song, and your smart device will be directed to the song on SoundCloud.

Caveat: Song loading is usually instantaneous after going through the steps above. However, I have seen it take a little longer where there is no wi-fi or bad phone reception. I'm not sure how old devices would work since anything you do on a smart device is dependent on its speed and memory. If your device is not working at all, go to www.SoundCloud.com and enter “Angelic Wars, First Rebellion”.

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