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Behind the Scenes Secrets of the Making of the Angelic Wars, First Rebellion musical novel–“I Say, Is It You?(A music video)–Pages 57-58

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The first song in the musical novel is sung by the Angel Gabriel as he flies through the Khasneh Forest in Heaven during a mission. This forest is structured like Earth’s multi-layered rainforest but is infinitely more vibrant. The leaves, crystalline and transparent, radiate millions of colors, blending with one another, throwing rays of countless hues up into Gabriel’s face. Like him, most angels in Heaven break out into an intimate song while basking in this form of God’s Holy Spirit. 

Readers can hear Gabriel sing this song in the paper books by scanning the QR codes; or a link in the eBooks.

The song was recorded Legacy Sound in El Segundo. Lead vocalist, D.J. Stanfill, Background vocals: Rick E, Norris, Julia Harriman and Kieran Moriah. Guitar: Rick E. Norris; Percussion: Judith Stepan-Norris

The song is available on iTunes and other online music outlets.

University of California, Irvine student dancers display their interpretation of Angel Gabriel's song.

Illustrators: Image licensed through Bigstock

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