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Interview on the Write Stuff Podcast with Parker J about my new book, Angelic Wars: End of the Beginning

I had fun at my interview, yesterday, with Parker J on the Wright Stuff Podcast about my latest book, Angelic Wars: End of the Beginning. https://www.blogtalkradio.com/pjcmedia/2022/12/15/end-the-beginning–angelic-wars–write-stuff–12142022

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Visit me at the San Diego Bookfest this Saturday, 8/20/22

Going through a dry run of setting up the Angelic Wars musical “Heaven” castle at the San Diego Festival of Books held at the University of San Diego on August 20, 2022. #Angels #ChristianNovels #Bookfests #SanDiego #AngelicWars #MusicalNovels

If you want to see the finished product with the my music of the Angelic Wars musical novel, watch here–> https://youtube.com/shorts/TS23tGwC-ek?feature=share

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Check out my free new short story: Angel in their Midst!

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to meet an angel?

Mark and Rachel set out to the  Southern Sierra Mountains in Calfiornia for a weekend get away. After dating each other for three months, Mark has intimate plans of knowing Rachel better during this time.  While hiking in the wilderness up on a domed rock, catastrophy hits, leaving Mark in a dangerous situation.  With no cell phone coverage or Ranger nearby, Rachel panics when trying to find help.  An old hiker hears her calls for help and arrives to help Mark out of his risky predicament. Trouble arises when the old, frail hiker is not an ordinary person but one that knows Mark and Rachel's darkest and most private secrets that tears into their souls.  Who is this hiker and how can he know so much about them?


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Angelic Wars, End of the Beginning is out!

After 18 month of writing, editing, composing music and many hours in recording sessions, my next musical novel is out! Angelic Wars, End of the Beginning. You don't need a CD to read the book. Just scan the QR code in paperbacks and hyperlink in the eBook to hear the angel characters sing. The opens up another dimension to characters and the effort to connect them to the readers. Click here to get your copy.

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Angelic Wars: End of the Beginning is available!

The epic war for Heaven continues. End of the Beginning is the second, full musical novel of the internal struggles and external battles among the angels for the control of Heaven during Satan’s rebellion. This novel can be read independently of the first novel, First Rebellion, though the first novel introduces readers to the characters. In First Rebellion, Azarias, the leader of the seven Septemviri, searches Heaven for rebellious angels in order to offer them God’s grace. Satan rejects Azarias’s offer and instead begins to expand his evil throughout Heaven’s districts. In the End of the Beginning, Azarias leads the Septemviri to find captured loyal angels so they can help fight Satan and eject him from Heaven (into the material world). Like all the Angelic Wars musical novels, the reader can hear the characters sing by scanning QR codes in paperbacks and clicking hyperlinks in eBooks for a unique reading experience.

Reserve your copy today on Amazon.

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Satan as the seven headed dragon


This is Satan appearing as a 7-headed dragon in the book, Angelic Wars: End of the Beginning.  The book and music will go on presale on December 20th!

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Angels in Fiery Chariot

“End of the Beginning” introduces angels in fiery chariots. Can you name where it the Bible you have heard of “fiery chariots?” More context come come after book is released.


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Aerial view of Heaven’s Sardis District

Michael and Gabriel visit the Sardis District in “First Rebellion.” He returns with Malachy in “End of the Beginning.” Full context to be written after the release of “Angelic Wars: End of the Beginning.”


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Angel Wings for the Cover

Well, I think we have the final version of angel wings that will be used on the cover. After about three months with countless revisions through three artists, we have arrived at something unique. A “thank you” to several readers who responded on an earlier version of the wings. I will post the book cover within a few weeks. The book will be released sometime in late October, along with five new songs which are triggered by QR codes or links within the book.

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An excerpt from the forthcoming book

We are moving fast on the next Angelic Wars' musical novel, End of the Beginning. The book and music will be released in late summer, but I am leaking parts of it to followers of the Septemviri.
Here is a discussion between Archangel Michael and an angel who has reconsidered his decision to be a member of Satan's Legion. I combined the ideas of Anselm (an 11th century monk) with Exodus 3:14.
Michael lowered his sword and motioned for Malachy to do the same, the risk factor dropping a notch. “Why are you here?”       “I hid in the structure of Sardis after the closing. I had to think about my past, my present, and my future. I compared myself, as a god, to the Creator. I realized that the Creator has no past, nor future, so everything is present—therefore, He is truly ‘I Am.’ But not for us angels; we are part of creation, so we have to think in a linear fashion—at least at this point of limited knowledge.”

Anselm, Proslogion, translated by Thomas Williams, Chapter 22, page 20-21; Exodus 3:14

By the way, a congratulations to Justin C. who won a $25 Amazon Gift Card. He was the only person to correctly answer the riddle of the angel's name in the last newsletter. Her name, Leihja, is a scrambled form of Elijah. There are other aspects in the next book which parallel her with this great prophet. For those who tried and didn't get it right, don't be discouraged. There are more Angelic Wars' contests in the future.

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